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Cambridge yellow

So , get ready guys and gurls.............

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Because we''re off again.

Me ? Cant wait. Yep i know we''ll have our work cut out against those big 4 at the top , with there mega money and all that speel that comes with it but so what ?

We''ve got Lambert.

We''ve got the fantastic Yellow Army thats served us so well over the last few years

We''ve got a pack of well hungry young players who are just gagging to get out there and give those big teams what for.

I put to you that those lads with give it what for this season , and with Lambert pulling the strings and the backroom lads doing their bit relagation is not happening and this isn''t just green and yellow spec''s either.

So buckle up and get ready for oneof the best seasons for many a year.

OTBC !!!!!!!!!!!!

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[quote user="Joanna Grey"]Oh! When is the first game?[/quote]Change the record, this act is getting old!on topic, I agree we are in for one hell of a ride!

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