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I hadnt driven to Manchester in a while from Norwich and had forgotten what a bitch of a journey it is. As I simply cannot bare to trudge through the fens along the A17 I usually take the A14 M6 route, even when leaving the fine city after 7pm Friday eve the journey was still a bitch! There were some hefty delays at Stoke on the M6 due to road works and an awful lot of holiday traffic consisting of v slow caravans and people carriers... Please bear this in mind if setting off tomorrow as I''m sure the roads will be rubbish Saturday AM...

I''d definately reccommend flying to Manc land from Norwich, can be done for 30 quib each way if you are staying the weekend and takes about 15 minutes compared to the cross country trudge!

Would hate to be rushing, or even late for kick off having waited for an eternity for the season to start!!


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That sounds like a bargain! What a good idea. It''s on days like these that I''m glad we live in Preston right now. BTW, it''s still raining here - I think that''s the fourth or fifth day in a row.

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