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paul searle

harewood why slag him off and my journey home take the p

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first of all  i was somewhat surprised harewood got slagged off yesterday

what had he doen ? and if we had an intrest in him shouting  f off harewood and your

never play for norwich is not going to make us that popular with him

and sorry to say he did score a good goal which is moor than we had up our sleeve.

so i stand there at the end of the game thinking how are we ever going to score

and get out of upton park before midnight. we then have to trumble along the road with

people taking the p out of us stand then  Cue for the tube for half an hour but i still wore the colours big mistake

got on the tube and some others start sniggering i have never been so embarrassed if my life

 if my son had not been with me i think it could of got nasty not for me but for them

i get angry you see after what i had watched you would they all bar a couple trooped of and dident give a toss even malky clapped

i got to my  car and as i switched the radio on  5 live just said he had  ashton had signed i fancy they what be taking the p  again and yes i will go to villa and a new chapter will be written

in Norwich city history i feel better for that

keeping the faith and trust in no one

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