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Player ratings so far this season (mid-term report)...

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As the season has now reached just over half-way, how do you think the players have shaped up?

Heres my view:

Greeno-9  Few bungles (Man city notably) but been superb, surely Mr Eriksson must have been watching

Charlton-7 Started of well (best of new boys early on) but recently a few average displays

Fleming-7 Solid, good leader, but lacks pace

Doc-6.5 Gets better with every game. Clearly not a striker though!

Edworthy-7 Mr dependable (except at Pompey) never bad, never brilliant

Bentley-6 Expected more from him, incosistent but can clearly win games for us (a la Bolton)

Hucks-6.5 Not really showed it for me, hopefully theres a lot more to come

Holt-5 Not good enough, should be sold

Francis-8.5 Find of the season (we all knew Greeno would be good), Strong, brave, and now a goalscorer too! hopefully can hold on to him

Jonson-7 Getter better and better.  Looks a battler which will be crucial in the next few months.  Willing to take a cut or two for the cause.  Needs a few goals though 

Helveg-5.5 Has a habit of passing to opposition players, but on his day can be inspired (Liverpool at home) neds to find a settled position as his experience could be vital if we want to stay up.

Mulryne-5 Not good enough, dont think he any longer wishes to play for norwich

Mcveigh-4.5 Ditto (cracking finish at Old Trafford)

Leon-5 Effort-10 ability-0 average=5

Svensson-5.5 Not quite got it for this level. Roll on Dean Ashton!

Jarvis-5 Good finish vs Liverpool, shown little else but only young

Crow-5.5 Bright and lively, could be the star of the 2nd half

Safri-6 Ok would like to see more

Drury-5 Not good enough

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