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Highlights of Ferman Match(es)

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We see only about 10 minutes, and what happened in the other 80 is unknown. It was to be said that both German teams were poor, easily shrugged aside by powerful and pacy players in our team. The defending was generally poor, and their attack virtually non-existent.

(Tentative) conclusions I draw:

The strikers will have to play for their places! Holt was not impressive, but the service did not allow him to slde in and convert quick passes accross goal. Jackson seemed subdued, and suffered in comparison with Vaughan and others. I am not sure who will start as the strikers, but it would not surprise me if Vaughan and Morison eventually become the normal pair.

We had two good goals scored from distance - Bennett and Francomb. These shots would have beaten many keepers.

The passing was very good, with MartinC outstanding - at pace, often one touch and very accurate long passing - Surely Foxcould not have been everywhere in disguise! I am not sure that Wes has a guaranteed place in the face of this quick, penetratingp passing. I can well see Martin playing behind the front two.

Finally are they trying Ward as a striker? What was he doing so far forward to score two goals?

It was a pre-season game against poor opposition, but my hopes were raised by the pace and power we now have, and the ability to move the ball quickly and accurately over all distances. Better opposition will reduce this threat, but by the end of the game they will know that they have played us!

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Lambert basically admitted the teams were poor, by saying it was only fitness that really mattered, and in ways you have to agree.

The serious stuff will start with more competitive friendlies here in the UK, for now, it''s all about gelling and fitness. Good to see people like C.Martin get a good run out as well, I feel sorry that he had to miss our run in, as he played so well in the first half ot the season.

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Holt set up at least 2 of the goals when he was on the pitch so although he didn''t put the ball in the net, he did have some influence. Err, bit like away at 1p5wich last season, perhaps?

Ward was in the penalty area for 2 set pieces hence his 2 goals. 

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[quote user="Herman "]

This link,courtesy of Paul Moy,shows some highlights and photos from the game the other night.The highlights are a bit odd.



Not really that odd, it was an amatuer video taken by an RSV 05 fan. He was only really interested in his own side and therefore only captured the 45 minutes we played against RSV 05. He moved from pitchside to a place in the stands a few minutes in missing our first goal. You did see that he had posted 3 videos didn''t you?




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