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Pi$$ed As A Mattress

Titus Bramble

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I reckon he is coming here. Here are three posts I found on Twitter. The first two from him and the third from a Scummer.

19tmb titus bramble posted on 24th July

@AshWills84 why you up so early? I was up at this time all last week in germany so my body is used to it

19tmb titus bramble posted on 24th July

After a long hard week in germany I''m off to @rockliffehall for a nice relaxing spa day.

@Sm1thy1TFC posted on 15th July

liam smith @19tmb Im affraid i spotted you in the inbread land on saturday mate ! please dont say your joining the narwich scum? come back to town :)

I reckon he was in Germany with the City Squad. Could be wrong of course.

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