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Grant Holt is a Monster

Likely Wigan side

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While everyone''s playing guess the City team to face Wigan I thought I''d take a quick look at how our opponents will line up. The likelihood is that they''ll play similarly to Swansea (unsurprisingly because Martinez initiated the style when he was boss of Swansea).


The most likely starting 11 is:

Al Habsi

Boyce Caldwell Lopez Figueroa

Diame McCarthy Watson

Moses Gomez


With subs from : Kirkland, Stam, Jones, Thomas, Di Santo, Sammon, McCarthur and Dicko.


Not a huge amount to be scared of IMO but there''ll be a lot of movement forward from midfield. May be the kind of formation that persuades PL to go with two holding midfielders instead of the diamond?

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I disagree there is alot of players there to be affraid off. Depsite some low finishes Wigan are an established premiership side, alot of people are being overly optimistic about beating wigan easily. I actually like the look of that side and to combat that I agree Lambert may have to consider the 2 holding midfielders. I think Martinez will have wigan playing well this year and I can see them acheiving a mid table finish.

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It was the other Caldwell!


Lincs Canary - I''m not running Wigan down in any way, but when I look at that team, I don''t see a side that would have blitzed the Championship last season. As such I''m not afraid and I don''t think that PL or the players will be either. Rodallega will be a handful and if you let Moses and Lopez run at you then you could be in trouble but I trust the coaching staff to have drilled the defence on this already. The midfielders are strong, especially going forward, but then so are ours. And I don''t see their defence being any more comfortable than those we faced last year when Grant Holt starts breathing down their necks.


Respect is due, certainly. But fear? Not in my book.

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