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Evil Monkey

Huddersfield Statement Regarding Pilkington

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There''s no bitterness or anger here, nor an attempt to spark a bidding war at the expense of the player''s best interests.  Its just simple honesty, with kind words about the player''s abilities and personality, and wishing the player well for the future.


In this world of Barry Frys and Robbie Cowlings, how refreshing to read such gracious words from a football club chairman.


Dean Hoyle, doing things the right way...

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[quote user="Grant Holt is a Monster"]

"But ''asss lacker ambishun Neulll. They wotter foight toof n nayull for him. This is what Darncaster and Deaalyur would do. Little Old Huddersfield etc etc etc"...



Oh good golly gosh my good sir. can you not wroight in a languauge hus hupper class toffs would understand?


Please remember us exiles have a translation problem at times. Just joking. The Norfolk accent is great and  a pleasure to hear when I ocasionally visit and it is much better than the "mockney" that I have to listen to on a daily basis.


I retain a tinge of  the Norfolk myself and it comes out when I have had a few.


More to the point: I quite fancy this signing, having read such rave reviews about this player. Get him PL.


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