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exiled blue

Might we see this at Norwich airport this coming season?

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I know that in the past, when Norwich played the clubs in and around Manchester, they chartered a plane. well the club i support, even though i live in norfolk now, have taken it a step further.

behold, manchester city`s method of transport for long away trips next season...


an airbus. fully liveried, on `loan` from etihad. going to be first used for a competition in dublin at the end of the month, then a tour of the states, and all the champs league fixtures. this is it arriving for the first time at Manchester airport this afternoon.i know they`ve flown down here before, so keep your eyes on the skies chaps!.

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[quote user="exiled blue"][img]http://i53.tinypic.com/29aqtn5.jpg[/img][/quote]

Should work now!!

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