PL has said that he wants the ability to trade in January, if necessary. Although it''d be nice to have another CB or RB or GK, he has to work within a budget. Last time in the Prem, City went with Doherty, Fleming and a very young Shackell and we nearly survived. Now there is Barnett, Whitbread, Ward and De Laet (who is a CB first and foremost). With De Laet able to cover at RB and LB as well, I don''t see the problem. As for GK, the need seems to be based on Rudd going out on loan. PL may feel that Rudd can get the necessary experience in Prem reserve games, backed up by Steer.

The real problem last time in the Prem was up front, where Svensson and McKenzie were the only options until Ashton finally joined in January (so Doherty had to play up front some of the time). Now we have 6 or 7 strikers - I''m not including Johnson or Daley here -Holt, Morison, Vaughan, Jackson, Martin, and Wilbraham (and McDonald if he stays). Of these, Morison, Vaughan, Jackson and McDonald all have genuine pace. Add to this two new wingers/strikers who also have genuine pace and goalscoring ability as well. Back in 2005, Huckerby was the only player who had genuine pace. This will make a huge difference this season, especially if the strikers and wingers can use their pace to track back when we lose the ball. All of this makes me confident that Lambert knows what he is doing.