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Reality check

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Now it seems as if the deal is done and that Dean Ashton will be confirmed as a Norwich player tomorrow, I think its time to breathe a huge sigh of relief but also to temper our enthusiasm with a healthy dose of reality.

This lad will likely go on to acheive some great things for City, but if ever the phrase "Thrown in at the deep end" applied, its now.

It wouldn''t be a huge suprise if Dean takes a while to settle in to a team which is injury ravaged, and will undoubtably be seeing some chopping and changing. If this is the case I really hope the City faithful will remember that getting behind the team is more important now than ever before (well certainly for the last 12 years or so)

All that said - We got our man!! Well done Nigel, Delia and all involved. I knew you had something up your sleeve.

Sing up The Barclay!!

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