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Opening Fixture Statistics

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Being a statto type person I looked back over the last 10

years last night, and the following interesting (?) statistics came


Of the 30 promoted sides:

Highest placing was 8th (Reading 2006). Highest placed

Championship runner up was 9th (Birmingham 2009). 13 sides have gone straight

back down (3 Champions, 4 Runners up, 6 playoff winners)

Of the 10 runners up

No one has won their opening fixture in the last 10 years. 3

draws and 7 defeats

3 opening games have been at home and 7 away - but if youre

at home youre more likely to go back down (2 relegations out of 3 home


Youre more likely to meet Chelsea than anyone else - 3

runners up faced the blues on the opening day, with two of those at Stamford

Bridge. Manchester United were next - but you''ll face them at Old Trafford if

you do draw them 1st (the reds have met 4 promoted sides in total, all at their


In total the opening fixtures were

Derby 2-1 Blackburn (Blackburn finished


Man U 1-0 West Brom (19R)

Leicester 2-2 Southampton


Blackburn 1-1 West Brom (17)

Wigan 0-1 Chelsea


Sheffield Utd 1-1 Liverpool


Chelsea 3-2 Birmingham (19R)

Bolton 3-1 Stoke (12)

Man U 1-0 Birmingham (9)

Chelsea 6-0 West Brom (11)

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[quote user="DAN-OTBC"]This may be a slightly weird question, but how are the fixture lists drawn/decided??

[/quote]the big 4 pick their oppoisition ensuirng an easy start every year.. then the rest of the games get divvied out.this may not happen

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Norwich City haven''t won either an opening fixture or a closing fixture since the last day of 2003-4 when Iwan Roberts scored his last goals for the club. Let''s hope we can end that particular jinx this season!

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