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How much do season ticket holders get for buy back tickets?

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A good source of revenue for the club must be selling buy back tickets as these can be sold at whatever the rate is dependent on the category of the game

I bet there aren''t many season ticket holders who can make every game, and on average this could be in the region of a few hundred, over a season the number could be a few thousand.

Does anybody know the full details of what the season ticket holder gets in return for putting their tickets up for by back.

Perhaps if the terms and conditions were well known then more supporters may be tempted to help out..

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Well if there''s any justice then NCFC should be giving buy-back season ticket holders around half of what they''ll be charging those lucky enough to get one on the day. Next season should see a full house at virtually every game so there''s very little risk involved and the club will be getting a few quid extra that they didn''t expect.If it''s only a tenner you may as well give it away as you''ll spend more than that waiting to move up the endless telephone queue.....

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This is how it worked last season:[quote user="www.canaries.co.uk"]


Posted on: Mon 20 Sep 2010

If you are going to miss a match this season, why not register your seat for the season ticket buy-back scheme?

All you have to do is call the Norwich City Ticket Office on 0844 826 1902

and let us know and if the match is sold out and we re-sell your season

ticket, you will be entitled to a credit against future season ticket

purchase (credits must be claimed in the season after the credit is


Grade A matches£10 Adults, £7 Concessions and £5 for under 12s

Grade B matches£7 Adults, £4 Concessions and £2 for under 12s

Grade C matches£5 Adults, £3 Concessions and £1 for under 12s


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Thanks Harry,

I assume the rates will be updated for this season. However going by those as a rough guide on 2000 buy backs during the whole season the club could earn an extra £50K net turnover, and with no additional costs involved, it''s a rich source of income, every little helps!!!

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