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First Wizard

In the words of Oliver Twist.

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Nigel boy: ''Please Miss, can I have some more?''.

Delia Smith: ''What!,boy?''.

Nigel boy: ''More players please, Miss''.

Delia (screaming): ''Mr Munby!, trounce this ungrateful little urchin''.

Mr Munby: ''Well the lad does have a point Madame''.

Mr Doncaster: ''Don''t look at me Roger''.

Delia: ''You''ve been reading the bloody Pink Un boards again, haven''t you Mr Munby?''.

Mr Munby (sheepishly): ''Yes, Madame''.

Delia: ''You know that''s against our club law don''t you?''.

Mr Munby: ''Then the laws an ass Madame!''.

Delia: ''Off with his head''!.

(Oops, wrong story and author!.)

Nigel boy: ''Oi you lot!, answer the damn question, can I have some more players please?''.

Delia (cuffs Nigel boy across the head): ''P**s off you ungrateful little s**t!. Thats all you getting, Okay?''.

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