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Norwich Ciy Transfer Policy

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I''ll probably get shot down for being a bit negative here but it''s not meant to be!!

The players we are signing seem to be those who have impressed in the Championship and want to see if they can make the step up to the big league. In short, of course we want to stay there come the end of the season. However, what I feel our transfer policy seems to be making sure we do is that, if we ARE to get relegated, we will do so with a stronger squad than when we got promoted. If you can''t stay in the Premier League at the 1st attempt, make bloody sure you are competing straight back at the top of the Championship the very next season to get back in the top flight. Yo-yo team anyone? For me, this is where West Brom have done so well over the past 7 seasons or so.

What disappointed me so much with the Worthy era was that, as soon as we got into the Prem, we broke up the old squad and brought in lots of risky signings that simply didn''t pay off. Helveg, Jonsson and Svensson all returned to Scandinavia in their long boats before we had even got home from Craven Cottage on that fateful afternoon in May 2005. Simon Charlton didn''t make a good centre back at 5ft 8ins and 33 yrs old, Gary Docherty didn''t prove to be the solid Premiership performer we hoped for (whatever happened to him?!).

The bottom line is that we returned to the Championship with a far weaker squad than we had gone up with. Then we added to it by buying Peter Thorne, Jurgen Colin, Carl Robinson, Andy Hooze.... I''m not even going to bother going on, but you get the point.

Of course, yes, I want to stay in the Premiership as much as the next person, but if we don''t make damn sure we return having strengthened the squad considerably and that all your decent players won''t be jumping ship at the thought of going back into the Championship.

Our transfer policy of summer 2004 was the beginning of our downfall, which culminated in our relegation to league 1 in 2009. Whatever happens this coming season, it is imperative we don''t repeat the mistakes of before and sign the wrong players for our squad. I''m pleased for one that it seems this will not be the case and that our future looks in good hands, whether relegation ensues or not.

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There''s no guarantee that any players who are with us will stay were we to be relegated

Making a judgement on the basis of two players is a bit thin as we have at least five more signin

to come.

My suggestion is that we have been targetting players for quite a while now. The idea appears to be getting those with the right temprament and drive, rather than where they have played before. It could be argued that those from a lpwer league will have the fight needed.

I think the mistake before was that Worthington probably just looked at the list of available players as and when and selected from there. We seem to have a far better and more comprehensive approach so I doubt we will face the same problems, neither do I feel we will be relegated - that is usually down to clubs taht have imploded, albeit crippling debt or bad management.

Our problems will come when we need to ensure that players are still motivated by playing in the Premier League.

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