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The D&G Steve Morison Analysis

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As an exile living near Watford, with many Watford supporting friends, and someone who has seen Danny Graham play lots of times there is ansolutely no doubt in my mind that Swansea have themselves a bargain. Watford fans love him and he is pretty much their only player of real quality.

Some players mature later than others - Danny Graham has learnt how to play as an effective lone striker. He creates many of his own goals in fact, often driving at the centre backs akin to Chris Martin at his best. He does this especialy well away from home, which of course was one of Swansea''s weakest areas.

Whether he will thrive at Swansea, feeding off Sinclair and Dyer rather than creating for himself, is debatable as he is actually not that great a finisher - witness his sitter against us when they were 2-1 up. In fact, he often misses easy chances, but scores harder ones.

The point is though, as others have said, he doesn''t fit the way we play. He is definitely a better footballer than Morison but I can see why Lambert has chosen as he has. Morison will give us "grunt" up front - he may not be such a clever player as Graham but he will replicate what Holt gives us and make us less dependant on the great man.

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