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The difference between us and the Scum...

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is about 7 goals but thats not the point I''m trying to make [;)]They think that signing individuals is the way forward- well good for them but we all know what happened last year in the 2 matches and we all know where we finished the season.My point is - and yes I have performed a bit of a u-turn- it doesnt really matter if we dont sign massive ''names'' because we should have the confidence in Paul Lambert and his coaching staff and their ability to mould a ''team''! If the scum think signing Chopra will instantly result in the promotion then they are even more deluded than I thought- Wickham was meant to be brilliant... what was the score when he last played against us? Its no good having ''names'' if they play awfully as a team. We need to boost the team and that means we might not always get the biggest names- Matthew Jarvis for the Gold scum was signed from Gillingham...

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