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Have Ip5wich been promoted???

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Got the usual flyer e-mail from the club advertising their text service.

Not only can I get the Premier League fixtures first - but it looks like we will be playing the binmen again next season!!

Simply text ''CLUB NORW'' to 88442* or click here to receive:

First 4 fixtures of the season

Derby Crunch match dates

Last match of the season

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it may nected to there being another ;rat'' leaving the sinking shiuop. Their communications officer has hopped off over to Radio Soffick.

The penny pinching will hit hard this summer as the paupers seek to cut the annual losses. Lord alone knows what will happen if/when Evans starting trying to get them to pay back some of that debt never merely trying to stop it from continualy rising.

They have recently been ''linked'' with Jason Roberts. Probably just talk, but were it to happen it would add yet another over 30 year old has been to the half empty retirement home that poorman road is slowly sinking into.


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