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Mello Yello

Carrow Road & Colney training ground relocation!

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One of my many contacts within the confines of NCFC, has told me in strictest confidence, about the relocation brick-by-brick, of Carrow Rd and Colney, to a more accessible and practical site during the Summer.

I trust all you fellow poster''s implicitly with this confidential information, and I''m certain you will not divulge this "hot from the Club info", to anyone outside of the Pink-Un forum.

Where is the new location to be you may well ask? Well, I have it on good authority, that it will be as close as possible to the Accident and Emergency department at the N&N University Hospital.

Positives: Our depleted squad haven''t far to go to receive prompt medical attention - with their injuries sustained whilst training or playing. This in turn, will allow the Red Cross stretcher gang, to rapidly whisk the injured party on a stretcher, straight through the player''s tunnel, to the "NCFC only" cubicle in the A&E Dept, therefore, quickly bypassing the time consuming TRIAGE system and freeing up ambulance response times. Also, instead of a Hotel in the infill, a glazed viewing area will be attached to a ward, allowing sick and recuperating fans, plus the 70% of our currently crocked playing staff access to watch the game ''live'' and in comfort, with full nursing care.

Negatives: Too close for my liking to the UEA, which means more student''s will be able attend these games - (with their ridiculously long Yellow & Green scarves, alternative dress code and liqourice tights, all trying to be individual, but all looking the same)! Oh yah! soccer yah! nearly as good as rugger yah! absolutely yah!    

I don''t mind students really....... OK YAH! Especially the ones that spend more time on here than at lectures!

Anyway, you heard about the relocation from me it''s all true!

Trust me! I''m not a politician..... OTBC ;~)    

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