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Thank you Scunthorpe United

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My reason is that, if they had been hard to break down that today and played well, Holt would of lasted the 90 minutes as im sure nobody was expecting a thrashing against a team fighting for their lives. this means that lambert would not of put Jackson on so early, he might of only got around 15-20 minutes and maybe not of got a goal-scoring chance. We all know that that hat trick has been the catalyst to his sparkling form and without this re-vitalized Simeon Jackson, we might not of had some of the vital goals scored in recent weeks. So thankyou scunthorpe united, for being a shambles that day, no arrogance intended. But i hope Nels has a successful season in league 1 with them. We are Premier League, a whole summer ahead of wonderful expectations and speculation..BUZZING!

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