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Lambert "No Nonsense Manager"

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This was a post from myself just over a year ago. It makes pleasant reading again as it mirrors itself for this season to prove what a great job Paul Lambert has done again. Just one thing to change...

"BRING ON THE PREMIERSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

19/04/2010, 11:45 AM


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Posts 36 Paul Lambert "A No Nonense Manager"

Want to say a HUGE congratulations to Paul Lambert and the Lads for clinching promotion back to the Championship next season at the first attempt.

I felt it was going to be a real struggle to get out of this league playing the type of football that Norwich are used to playing, but lets be fair we have done the job in some style with some Championship Style performances.

Next season with be a real test for us again and a challenge everyone at the club should be relishing. Lets hope the the board have learnt from many mistakes that were made in our relegation year.

We have a manager in Paul Lambert that could do wonders with this club given the right support. It was a pleasant change this season to hear honest reports on games that we had not played well in. No trying to hide the fact that we unlucky, just honest opinions.

Lambert certainly seems to be his own man. No trying to hog any limelight, just a pure profesional at what he does. ( A certain Bryan Gunn should sit up and learn)

Its obvious we are going to need to strengthen the squad to push on in the direction we all want to see this club go. Lets hope that money will be available for Paul Lambert. If there is, I feel that Paul Lambert could go on to be an absolute legend at this club and good luck to him. A no nonsense manager who has earned complete admiration from most, if not all, Norwich fans this season.

Bring On The Championship!!!!!!!!!!

Next season cant''t come quick enough

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