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Alex Moss

IpswichCrazy - Updated thoughts on Holty...

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In light of IpswichCrazy''s now infamous rant at Holty, I sent him a message asking for an updated (more polite) opinion on our Grant and Norwich - Well, I got a reply...


P.s - @ 6mins40secs - Little bit harsh... ''I''ve heard rumours about Fabio Capello being, er, queer....''

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[quote user="birchfest"]He thinks holt is good enough and likes lambert... certainly changed his tune! [/quote]

Yep, a refreshing reply from IpswichCrazy, he''s mellowed and I actually quite like him - but the most pressing question still remains unanswered....

We still don''t know what the (going to) hells in THAT fishtank? ? ?

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