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Injury team solution!!

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Well i have given great thought of the team we should play with all these injuries here it is:

Goal-Green-well what can i say

Left back-Shackell-Drury is weak and makes loads of mistake wgereas Shackell is tall and strong and needs to be given a chance.

Centre back-doc-same as green

Centre back-flem-same as green

Right back-Helveg-soli against liverpool and looks much better than playing him in midfield.

Left wing-Huckerby-Fast and always gives defenders trouble.

Centre midfield-Jonson-He does not really go down the wing and puts in chances so he would be a brilliant midfielder to do his thing with francis

Centre midfield-Francis-same as green

Right winger-Mckenzie-Does not really score goals but makes chances would be great on the wing

Strikers-Jarvis and Ashton- Teses to will get us the goals to stay up!!

This is a attacking line up which is sure to make goals and chaces this would kep us up!!


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