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26th May 2009

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Having a clear out of paperwork and junk from my old office when i found a letter dated 26th May 2009, it was from Michael Foulger regarding the season ticket rebate owed to fans due to our relegation into league 1, reading through it one paragraph stood out "Relegation is a bitter pill to swallow for everyone who loves this club and we simply must improve.I can assure you significant changes are being made throughout the club to give us the best possible chance of building a brighter future for Norwich City" How very true that statement has turned out to be,only 1 month short of two years on from that statement the club is two wins away from a return to the premiership,it really hit home how big a turn around this club has made in the past 23 months,6 more points and this club will be back where it belongs.

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