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We are getting worse

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As usual, I listened to the commentary yesterday via the internet. Up until the last couple of weeks I''ve been fairly confident that we would avoid the drop & stay up. Even after last week''s  performance at W Ham, I thought that we could definitely get something from Villa Park as I had watched what looked like a thoroughly demoralised Villa, get soundly beaten by Sheff U. During most games this season, and even recently against Spurs and Liverpool, it has sounded as though we''ve at least had a go and been in with some sort of chance of getting something from the game. But yesterday the game just seemed to pass us by.

Never mind the tactics, questionable as they are. - where was the passion, the fight, the effort, the belief. Where were the passes, the tackles, the shots. It sounded as though we neither defended or attacked, we just walked onto the pitch at 0-0 and walked off at 3-0.

Injuries aside, we''ve got too many players who are either not good enough (Doherty, Edworthy, Brennan etc) or no longer performing to the best of their ability (Huckerby, Drury, Mulryne etc)

Pat Murphy on 5 Live summed it up by saying that we managed the rare feat of making Villa look good

Quite honestly, if we carry on like this I can''t see us escaping. The relegation battle is now down to a 4 horse race and with the exception of WBA, the other 2 contenders are at least scoring goals - not only we are not scoring goals, we don''t even look like scoring a goal 

OK, it was Ashton''s first game, but you''ve got to give him some support, and more importantly, the ball, if he''s going to be our saviour. I can imagine that after yesterday he''s already thinking that he''s probably made a big mistake coming here

It might be Worthy''s view that we will stay up, but after yesterday, it ain''t mine

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