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Refreshing change

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Winners often keep their mouths shut...and that has what has impressed me these last few days. We used to get all manner of players saying what they needed to do in the next game. But all has been quiet on the Carrow Road front. Meanwhile, all you get to read about is Jones, Warnock and a procession of other players from Cardiff who state the pressure is all on us.

I reckon we should all forget QPR and their points deduction...they have a massive match tomorrow and I think an upset is well and truly on the cards.....can see a 2-1 or 3-1. That means if we go and do the stuff Monday evening we can virtually bag promotion (regardless of what Cardiff have done earlier) and with one home match left have  a shot at the title too. QPR at home to an of late inconsistent but more than useful Leeds team (that score goals too) is no ''give me''.

So, points deductions?..... well let''s just wait and see. Cardiff moans..... let them wind themselves up. Meanwhile on our ship, let''s do the talking on the pitch and get a 0-2 result, one in each half and end the match like we did against Forest. I wonder if Lambert is telling his players this? Because the quietness from our camp is filling with more and more optimism.


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