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Mr Lambert, please take the credit you deserve.

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Paul Lambert, take a bow, for once in your interviews take some credit.

Every interview he never takes any credit, he deserves the biggest thank you from us the fans.

Credit and thank you to Delia in understanding that she didn’t have the knowledge to run the club, so she bought in McNally, backed the changes and here we are.

The back room staff also deserve a big thank you, they have instilled the confidence and work ethic into a fantastic set of players.

These players have proved their worth and deserve their chance to show what they can do in the Premiership. No doubt we need a few players to strengthen our squad with premiership experience but not whole sale changes, just tweaks here and there.

NCFC staff and players a big thank you for giving us this season, you’ve made me, Norwich and Norfolk feel a 100 million pounds.

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