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Just what is going on with Paul McVeigh???

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Does anybody know what the hell is going on with the wee man?
Considering the number of people who claim to have contacts in the club, why is it that no news has come out whatsoever?

Are we selling him, is he part of an exchange deal, has he fallen victim to Worthy''s discipline or is it something entirely different?

I think he still has a potentially big role to play in the team and I disagree with those who so say confidently that he''s not up to premiership class. After all, he''s hardly been given the best of opportunities to show what he can do has he? a few 15 minute cameos out on the right, where he''s never really shone - not really what I''d call a proper opportunity.
When he plays out on the left, he certainly knows exactly where the goal is and can put in quality crosses. Ok so Hucks has complicated things, but 4-4-2 with Hucks up front and Mcveigh on the left - definitely worth a try.
And those who say he''s not up to it would do well to remember some of the superb goals he''s netted from absolutely nothing. Call me a fool, but that''s just what we need right now instead of our current boringly predictable approach play.

Tell us what''s going on Worthy!

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