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Several Player Chants!

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I know most tunes are copied but I really think these chants will add to the limited lost of chants we have and add to the players personal motivation. if the player hears there name sang, it can only spur them on and give them more drive. so..

Dani Pacheco:

dani pachecoooo

dani pachecoooo

hear to give a hand

to the promised land

dani pachecooooo!

(Viva Ronaldo tune) YouTube it.

Andrew Crofts:

simple but catchy (I know it''s common, don''t slate me)

croftsss, crofts will tear you apart again!!

David Fox:

who let the fox out! who who who who!

(just adds to the party atmosphere if people are willing to get it going)

Henri Lansbury:


one Henri Lansbury!

there''s only one Henri Lansbury!

oneeeeeee Henri lansburyyy!

there''s only one Henri lansburyyy!

someone make ones for surman and also get the Jackson one sorted too :)

these are only suggestions as they show our appreciation for them individually, not just singing the teams chants.

this will also help strengthen a bond between the fans and Lansbury and Pacheco which will hopefully make them like to come play their football here for another season next year.

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