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Anthony Taylor

Where do we start?

He was dreadful, awarded 11 free kicks all game and only 3 against Watford, yet both teams manged to pick up 2 yellow cards.

The amount of fouls (and handballs) not awarded for both teams amazed me, was he not watching the game at all?

Got some decisions horrendously wrong we should have had 2 clear cut corners only to see Mr Timid give a goal kick both times. He allowed so much to go that when players started to argue about the decisions he booked them. Had no control of the game and had lost the respect of the players, who wanted to argue and see a yellow card for everyone who committed a foul.

Some of the throw in''s were taken from miles away from where they should have been.

Anthony Taylor - Dreadful for both teams 3

A special mention for our local world cup assistant Ref.

Stood and watched throws taken miles away from where they should have been taken, and blatant fouls which he didn''t flag for.

Gave Watford a corner when his view was blocked and he could only have guessed.

Darren Cann - Obviously too big to officiate at this level (or any other?) Equally dreadful 3

A special mention for the multi-ball system.

The FA should outlaw it totally, there is no other option. It is almost blatant cheating when the ball boys respond in different ways depending whos throw it is. We all want to win, by not by employing tactics that are basically cheating.

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I saw the title of this and thought ''Where do you start'' so loved the fact that it was your first line!I''d drop him to a 2 - take into accout his pathetic/non-existent attempts to counter Watford''s time wasting

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