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I hate 1p5wich

team for sat

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lets see us playing 5-3-2 with players who are fit


edworthy        fleming    doherty     shackell          drury

                   jonson       francis       brennan

                        ashton              hucks

think we can use flem as a sweeper + use jonson & brennan  to cross ball for ashton     on the ball city

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we need to play Mckenzie from the start, we looked a lot more of a threat once he came on the pitch on Saturday. I think Ashton needs to play with another forward, he came back too much against Villa, not his fault he was just trying to get some more action! you couldn''t know his effort but the service to him was very poor.

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assuming there are no injury breakthroughs


Edwothy  Doherty Fleming  Brennan

Jonson  Francis  Mulryne

            Ashton  McKenzie

Heres what will happen:   

Ashton will score on his home debut.
McKenzie will show the first signs of coming good with a great 6 yard box scramble goal.
Hux will supply a good cross for ashtons goal
Jonson and francis will hit the woodwork.
The team will really pull together for a top class performance.       

Hows that for optimism?                    

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