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hes every f*****g where, pacheco, pacheco! Wow what can we all say after the most one sided game I have ever seen! Pacheco was everywhere didn''t shy away at all it was a big day for such a young lad and he took it all in his stride. Great ball for the first goal and for the peno too! Fox is impressing me more and more he just does the simple things and its so effective! Wes and Holt what massive players they have been all season and today were both on fire for 60 mins! Then theres jackson!!! That is what the boy needed I hope it gives him some confidence to push on now cos you cant ever question his effort or workrate he just needed to have a bit of composure and be more clinical in front of goal and he had that today. Also tierny in my opinion has been a great signing i thought we would struggle to replace drury but this looks like he can do just that! What ever happens over the next 7 games lambert, culvahouse and kersa have put together a great team of players who have have stepped up and given us a club to be proud of. I for one thank them for a fantastic season no matter how it ends every single person at the club can be very proud to have played a part in a brilliant season! Now lets go smash the swans and get back to a league where we deserve to be! OTBC

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