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The stats are looking very good

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This is the final run in and of course all supporters will be nervous both about out future fixtures and the performances of our main rivals.

I am not being over confident however year in year out the end of season tables show a pretty regular indicator. That show that 4 seasons out of 5 80 points would get 2nd spot. Whilst ther is always going to be the exception to the rule most of the time 80 points will be enough and i do not see this season being any different with clubs taking points off each other left right and centre.

This would indicate that another 10 points would probably suffice, although i fancy we may get a few more than that.

As for Swansea and Cardiff the games are running out and for them to get to the magic 80 they need 2 points a game average and can only afford to drop 7 points each up to the end of the season. I think the probability of both dropping more than 7 points is very high indeed and though Cardiff had a good win they have been dropping quite a few of late as have swansea.

Anyway it will all come out in the wash in a few weeks but the omens look good, we have got great consistency and momentum and can afford to lose a few games in what is still a tricky run in

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