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Lambert: Positive Thinking & Believing

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There have been times when I thought Lambert''s ''They''ve been brilliant for me, they really have'' was a bit of cock and bull. Another manager spouting off positve platitudes about his flock. Blah-de-blah. But I now feel that my observation was way wide of the mark. Lambert does not mix this with public pronouncements of his team''s weaknesses or blaming referees. He is CONSISTENTLY positive. At least in public. That is unbelievably admirable and reflects all the world''s great organisations. Lambert: if we have problems we sort it our ourselves. And that is why my sense - not my belief - is that we will be promoted. Not some pie-in-the-sky hope, but based on an observation of a manager and group of players who believe in what they are doing: who believe in the power of positivity.

If we lose today it doesn''t change that. Sometimes it happens.

But the fact that we all feel positve is, in my opinion, not just because we are 2nd in the league, but because we believe in where we are and believe that we can make the next step.

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