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Four points needed

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We are keeping on target for a top two place. This is being done by achieving four points out of every two games.

How many times have we drawn a game we should have won only to claw back a win in the next game ? If we continue in that vein we will end up with 83 points.

This time last season Newcastle were top on 73 points/35 games and WBA were 69/36 - which suggests that the top two places this year will not need so many points. The following ten games all suggest pairs of games where a draw and a win (either way) are not impossible. More optimistically our last four games are all easily winnable.

My biggest fear is that we miss out on 2nd place by a point oir two then stumble out of the playoffs - as invariable it is the team who is on a run that carries right through to winning the playoff final.

Blackpool were on 50 points at this stage last season. a massive 14 points behind Nott''m Forest, so it matters little where you finish in the playoffs. Top two is a must.

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