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First Wizard

Only 10 more days, then the rumour's stop!.

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Oh deep joy my friends!.

Only 10 more days left for the silly transfer rumour brigade, before they cease their activities for this season.

Yes, I know I called for any sensible rumour''s to be put on here, but as usual, some of you couldn''t resist a chance to wind us all up.

They''ve ranged from, I''ve seen ''whatisnames'' car at Carrow Road, to my mate knows so and so, and they said............

Has Asda suddenly gone out of fashion then?.

This rumour mill stuff, does our heads in chaps, these boards love rumours, including myself, but if you must do it, try and come up with something more original please.

Now, guess who I bumped into in Morrison''s today?...........

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[quote]But Wiz that means only 10 more days for "HIM" to sign!! Is it still going to happen?[/quote]

I''m afraid ''HE'' now looks very unlikely to sign for us now Shropshire.

And at the price the Hammers think he''s worth, I''m not too bothered now.

Yes, I would have preferred Harewood to Ashton, but that''s a seperate debate, which now looks unlikely to be resolved.

I''m still chuffed about Deano joining us though!. Even if it does mean my ball''s are broken....again!.  

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