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I have just been informed by a very honest insider, who also happens to be my personal and highly reputable source of contact. That he is concrete 100% certain, that in the not too distant future, (possibly early springtime), "green leaves" will be appearing on the tree''s once again......Apparently, it''s all down to a green pigment called ''chlorophyll'' and also something to do with the process of ''photosynthesis''.......

I just thought folk would be generally interested, as nothing else seems to be happening on the football front at this moment in time, (apart from the infantile poster''s, generating their silly rumours)! I''m far too mature and intelligent to behave like that, as it only upsets our magnificent regulars on this FANtastic forum. "Toodle Pip"! and OTBC ;~)   2-1 to City against Boro.... 

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