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Canary Boy

WOW...check out Sky's team of the week!!!

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I always think we get a fair shout from Sky. Good to see huckerby finally getting some recognition. In the last ten minutes he was influential in all the goals and I think the difference he was being used as the atttacking winger he excels at being.

Just watched the Goals on Sunday with McCaffrey and Kammy saying its was the point of the day, magnificent comeback etc. They also reviewed the defensive errors and quite rightly said we HAVE to stop conceding from set play and defensive mistakes.

They marked out Zenden on the goal line for the first corner, who moved out dragging two City players with with him, creating the gap for Querdreuedureue to slot it home.

On the second corner Drury is just inside the goal but unlucky as it goes through his legs.

The review of the defensive wall for the (dubious) free kick was also quite interesting, with two City players behind the main wall, so in effect a second wall. With the first wall expecting a thumper from Hasselbaink he of course skips it neatly off the ground to curl it in the bottom corner, with two players who could of perhaps been better used elsewhere.

I found it quite interesting when its slowed down and played out like that to see how different things effect each other, that you sometimes miss when you watch a game. As Worthy says our defensive cover has got to be looked at, but we all know that.

Its not often you hear the media praise us for a magnificent, spirited comeback, and saying that will give us the confidence to beleive we CAN win points and it is the most important point of the season. I forget how many times they said ''well done the Canaries''!!

That is nice to hear, because they are recognising how hard we are working. This has to be the turning point of our season, so well done the lads!


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