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Canary Renaissance

The pair look like they’re playing in a father-and-son side

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I found this.........


....................... through a link on the Guardian website (always a good read in itself).


I’m so proud to have Grant Holt in our team. As you will read, he has many admirers. Fat? A bit harsh, but there can be no doubting his quality.


An idea for a dull Friday or a Saturday without a game..........


The best neo-Nazi looking eleven

The youngest looking eleven

The eleven with the most old-fashioned footballer type names

And there’s more..................

Suggestions anyone?

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This was posted a while back dude, but I still think it''s an awesome article and well worth being further up the board! It''s clearly supposed to be a skewed take on the world and I love that satirical approach.

Let''s not spark off the "Grant Holt; Fat?" debate again though!! Ha ha!

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