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Last 15 games and City's form

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Ok do not know how interesting this is or not but i was just looking at the table and i thought the form City are on at the moment is good, not brilliant and not quite like it was at the end of December i think. I am quite confident we can keep this form up for the rest of the season. So i decided look last 12 home and away games (because it''s easy to do on BBC) and then try and work out how many points will get from last 15 games if continue this form. So, the last 6 home and away games and results are as shown

Most recent

this gives us 24 points from a possible 36, while also giving us 2 points a game (our season average is just above 1.7 points per game)- now if we continue that form into the last 15 games we will clinch another 30 points and finish on 84- i think that that point total has a good chance at auto promotion.i don''t know why any of this really matters, just made me feel bit more confident after doing the maths as i thought we had started to slip up results wise a little bit recently- guess that is a little unjustified though.

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Even at our season (so far) average we would reach 80 points - 2nd place over the past five seasons has been






.... however, at 31 games (or mid Feb) in those seasons all of the top six were on average 5 or more points ahead of todays table

I would suggest then that 80 points could well see us very close to automatic promotion. That would need a minimum 8 wins and two draws. A task not beyond our abilities.

Check the fixtures, the points are there

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