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Fans Eye by Steve Gedge

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"So three out of the bottom four win, yet who at the foot of the table actually had the best result of the day? Norwich, without a shadow of a doubt." You are clearly mad, since when has a draw been better than a win.

"Seven teams still have to come to Carrow Road this season. Are any of them now likely to treat the day lightly, and consider that if they take an early lead, the points are in the bag?" Err....yes, out of the seven teams to come to Carrow Road only Brum and the Baggies will actually do their homework the others will see it as a comfortable three points.

"No, we know full well that it means visitors will arrive with even greater resolve, as opposed to, say, Iain Dowie''s men, who still seem to be benefiting from what I would call the ''it''s only Crystal Palace syndrome'' shown by opposition teams." Just take a look at the goals against and win columns you will see Norwich as being classed under that syndrome more so than Palace.

How did this drivel get into the EDP?

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