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"Loyalty" of fans and players - A Rant

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This whole thing is really getting beyond a joke!

I''m fed up of people going on about how fans aren''t real fans because they left 10minutes early, or because they looked shocked when we went 4 - 1 down and other assorted indicators of "loyalty". Who cares? The fact of the matter is, Norwich have a full ground *every* week and there is an incredible waiting list for season tickets.

This needs to stop! Its just childish "my dad''s car is bigger than your dad''s car" style arguments. Nobody needs to question anyone else''s loyalty, if they''re at the ground, they''ve paid and its up to them whether they sing or not. I couldn''t bear to watch Soccer Saturday when we went 3 - 1 down and I can understand people who didn''t want to watch.

This is exactly the time we need to be thankful we have a full ground, not turning on each other and players because they had to leave early or wanted to leave early. Its not the kind of attitude that benefits us or the club or the players. Its just childish. If people feel the need to prove they are the "better" fan we should be adult enough to let them have their minute and then laugh at them (off the board, not by posting) at their fragile little ego''s.



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