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walks on water

Anxiety aside for a minute (well for a thread at least)...THE 'I ABSOLUTELY LOVE PAUL LAMBERT & HIS BACKROOM STAFF' THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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......I DO!

As season ticket holder through Mike Walker''s first spell, I have NEVER seen a Norwich side play with such beautiful verve & elan as now.

The style of play is awesome.

Paul Lambert''s management team have it all.... the eye for a player, team spirit, squad options and a substitution policy which is brave and changes games. Simply put, and borrowing from another poster, if Carling did football clubs, or rather management teams, we currently have it.

If finances are a problem, NCFC as a whole community simply must try and match this man''s ambition. We have endured dross for so long (I even include Worthy in that) This management team, lead by Paul Lambert, is the real deal.

I absolutely love the football played under Paul Lambert, and hope he factors into any decision just how much this view/feeling is shared.

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