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Canary Jay

Armageddon is upon us

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...isn''t it? You''d think so with this carry on.

The number of times people have openly admitted that they know the manager will not finish his career with us, yet at the first sign of him upping and leaving, people start wetting their pants.

Just remember the sh1tty circumstances under which we came to employ Lambert. Many would say it would be just desserts were he to leave - what goes around comes around.

And as for the club not keeping the fans informed? They released a statement. The manager added that he would not talk about anything other than the next match. What more can they do? Get on twitter or facebook and constantly update us with what is happening? There is a game to prepare for - perhaps Lambert would rather concentrate on his job...?

Having said that, he''s clearly off to West Ham or Liverpool. Not Burnley.

I couldn''t resist.

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