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jed exodous

Culverhouse and Karsa...

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Back again, knew i wouldn''t be able to keep away. 


Not seen much mentioned about these guys, surely they will have a big say as to what happens.  I know nothing about Gary Karsa, but i imagine hes lived somewhere in the south for at least the last 3 or 4 years having been with Lambert at Col U, likewise, i''m sure Cully must''ve been based somewhere inbetween Colchester and Norwich.  Do we really think these guys will uproot to move to the other end of the country?  Perhaps it would be different if it was a London club, but with Cullys ties to Norwich, i really dont think hed wanna do the dirty on us, though he did leave us as a player under a cloud.


Perhaps i''m looking for too many positives, but i still think all 3 are staying...

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