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First Wazzock

The Second Half Performance

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I have just watched the game again (One of many views I''m sure!), and I have got to say the second half was amazing.

I was one of those who was very frustrated we didn''t get the third goal to kill the game off earlier, but having seen it again I have got to mention a few points.

That was a masterclass on how to play against 10 men. They chased shadows for all of it, we ran them ragged. I can''t believe how little Ruddy had to do.

Elliot Ward  and Joel Barnett both showed what a class act they are, they mopped up everything and didn''t just hoof it clear, in fact their distribution was fantastic - didn''t waste anything.

Russell Martin and Lappin both gave a fantastic wide outlet for the ball, ran their socks off. (Martin given the captains armband when Holty went off take note)

The workrate of Surman, Fox, Crofts and Lansbury (and Korey too) was amazing, chased and fought for everything. Didn''t give them a minutes rest.

Martin and Holt were both superb, as were Hoolihan and Jackson when they came on (the timing of their introduction was brilliant too, at a time when their defence must have been run into the ground already).

As I said it was a masterclass well worth watching again to appreciate the finer points of our win.

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