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Sweepstake - when will Ipswich hit rock bottom

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Unfortunately our impoverished neighbours have a fair way yet to fall. Word is that Norris is favourite to be heading out of poorman road in January. Whether there''ll be able to cash in on one or two others is debatable.

I expect a lot more bins to be kicked over and a lot my sauce bottles to be thrown about before the season is out.

Unfortunately I don''t expect to see LocalDerbies/King Binno/Portmanking/Factual Blue (or whatever he calls himself) on here for a while though.

Poor little fella - I wonder if it''s finally dawned on him that there isn''t any master plan to get his grubby little club into the Premiership, just the old ticket tout filling his boots at the expense of him and the rest of the dimwitted suffolk farmhands.

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