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Weve (no longer) Got Angus

Composed Defenders?

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Went to the game yesterday and what a game it was! However, watching the back four, i got a little panicky/worried (don''t know if it was just me) as they seem to have this new confidence in themselves and ruddy, by passing the ball around to eachother ALOT, and having seen this type of play backfire in the past and in many other games it worried me. Just wondered if anybody else had anything else to say on the matter? Do you want to see the defence just getting the ball away, not neccessarily "hoofing" it but just not playing around so much? As many times yesterday the defence managed to easily give the ball away in areas it shouldnt be given away in!

(this isn''t a moan btw, just wanted to see what everyone else made of it!)

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