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Henri Lansbury

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So first off, i will say, i think he has been just about the most influential loan signing since hux, not saying he is as good as him yet, but he has massive potential.

So lets see what you guys think.

1 Whats he worth in your opinions ?

I think around the 1,5 mil mark at the moment.

2 As good as he is in the championship "so far" does he really figure in arsenal´s long? short? term plans ?

Personaly, i dont see him making there squad on a regualar basis, if at all.

Look at others that have broken through in there squad at around the same age.

Jack wilshere, Aaron ramsey, Theo walcott.

Yet Henri is still not good enough to get on the bench.

3 Would arsenal sell him ?

Iam guessing that they would do so.

4 would we be willing to pay what they would want for him ?

I doubt it to be fair, they would likely ask around the 2,5 mil mark for him.

5 Would he even want to come here on a permanent basis ?

Not sure on this one.

He is young enough to think he is the best thing since sliced bread, and will think he can break into the first team at arsenal.

Personaly i bloody love what i have seen so far, and i think we as a club should push the boat out and try to get this kid on a permanent deal.

Worst case senario is he will will get better, we wont get promoted, we will sell him on in a year or two and a very tidy profit to a mid table prem team.

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I think potential adds a lot onto a value of a player. It is said Wenger has high hopes for Lansbury. You could say he hasn''t played much for Arsenal but he has been out on loan so has been gaining experience. He is now 20 so you would be looking at him to make an impression at Arsenal or move on I think. Undoubtably he is out to impress, however I don''t think we could afford to buy him. I''d say you''d be looking at nearer £2.5-£3m for him, and that''s only if Wenger would be willing to sell because he doesn''t have to...

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I think he would go to another premiership team if he doesn''t make it at Arsenal.

I should imagine that it all depends on how many games he gets in the top flight.

I say that because Bently has attracted large sums of money and was a very similar prospect if somewhat younger when he came to us.

I would say £1.5-£2million may well be a low estimate - if he plays the rest of the season with us and we make the play-offs or promotion he will be worth more.

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Lansbury will have next season at Arsenal to prove his worth, after that he will be over 21 and will take one of the 25 spots in the squad. He will only stay on after that if he is deemed good enough.

Wenger is looking at his loan in one of two ways, either he is here to gain match fitness and will play a larger part over Christmas and the New Year at Arsenal when games come thick and fast; or he will be allowed to stay until the end of the season. Guess we will know sooner rather than later.

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