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made me chuckle

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There were a few of us walking down to the ground last night having a bit of banter and singing, when these two ‘hardcore’ Norwich fans told us that they had arranged a meet with some Millwall fans back at the Barrow Boy and Banker in London Bridge. Anyway when getting back to London Bridge we saw one of guys with his arm round his mate whilst he collapsed and puked all over the platform. Made me laugh!

Also I can’t take Millwall fans seriously, I’m sure the majority don’t turn up for the football. The fans who were to the left of us on the top tier were just idiots. The only song they could come up with was the “you can’t read, you can’t write........” and not once did they sing a song to one of the players. They just stood there for 90 mins sporadically waving their fists at us! And when they did score, the way they charged at us over the fencing was hysterical, even though we were on the upper tier of a completely separate stand!


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